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New Duolingo for iOS, with virtual currencies and language trainer


Duolingo is one of the preferred options for users to learn languages ​​for free both online and mobile. It is one of the best online courses mentioned in the list and today they present a new version for iPhone / iPad that is quite attractive.

The new application includes the launch of the Language trainer and the On-line shop, two functions that seek to increase the effectiveness when learning languages.

The owl, mascot of Duolingo, being the trainer, personal tutor who helps to meet the proposed objectives, as you can see in the screenshot above. He would tell us the points of gained experiences and show graphs with the evolution.

The virtual store, on the other hand, will allow obtaining virtual articles to personalize the experience in the application. For this it will be necessary to spend Lingots, the new virtual currency of Duolingo that can be earned by completing lessons without losing lives, maintaining streaks of several days and achieving other objectives within the platform.

The idea of ​​Duolingo will always be to offer a learning tool for free, so it will not be possible to use real money within the application.

To learn more about this platform, I recommend reading this article that we published a few months ago.