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New director at Google for the launch of “Google Ideas”

New director at Google for the launch of "Google Ideas"

Eric Schmidt refers on Twitter to the hiring of Jared cohen (@jaredcohen), a lawyer for the American State Department who dedicates his experience to lead a new division of the big G: Google Ideas.

During the second week of October, start working to help the rest of the team make Google Ideas a reality, a project that thinks it can achieve fundamental changes from the data obtained in different sections.

It is a strategic work in which important conclusions can be obtained from small pieces that seem difficult to fit together, a kind of large artificial intelligence system that can create large puzzles from the large amount of data constantly obtained by Google.

In the report published on, Jared comments:

In the same way Policy Planning works by bringing together a lot of stakeholders in government, out of government, and across different sectors, so, too, will Google Ideas do something very similar. And the range of challenges that it may focus on include everything from the sort of hard challenges like counterterrorism, counterradicalization, and nonproliferation, to some of the ones people might expect it to focus on, like development and citizen empowerment.

Free translation:

In the same way that political planning has to bring together stakeholders outside and within government, Google Ideas works in a similar way. Challenges can focus on fighting terrorism or radical trends, for example, as well as developing and increasing the power of citizens in society.

There is still not much data about the goal of Google Ideas, which they call a product think / do tankWhat is clear is that it should not be insignificant so that they have hired a specialist in political organization who has already worked with Bush and Obama in the management and planning of actions.