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New Android application to distribute payments among friends


When a group of friends comes to a bar or restaurant it is necessary to establish some method to avoid that those who consume little pay the same as those who have drunk or eaten more than the average. Dividing the account among all those present is not a good idea, and doing accounts at the end usually consumes time that few are willing to invest.

To help solve this type of problem, dozens of mobile applications were born that help divide expenses fairly, all of them grouped when searching for Share expenses.

Now we are presented with a new option, but this time in Spanish: Pay what you eat !, simple and practical, so that you can have control of what each one consumes directly from your mobile phone and you can do the accounts without breaking napkins.

We are still far from finding the ideal solution, since this type of application requires that it be noted every time someone asks for something (not feasible when that someone is on the other side of a huge table) or that everyone remembers exactly what they have taken at end of the day (and we return to the problem of time invested). A good alternative would be to allow everyone to write down what is consumed on their own mobile and for the data to be synchronized between the devices of everyone present, although there is currently no application that does something like this (unless a data sheet is updated calculation in google drive shared by all).