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Neuroscience behind the design of the new 50-euro bills

Neuroscience behind the design of the new 50-euro bills

Neuroscience behind the design of the new 50-euro bills

The 50 euro note is the last to be renewed. Precisely today it comes into force. We explain why the Europa series is so safe.

The Europa series is the one that has been renewing all the notes since the new 5 euro paper money was launched in 2013. So far they have launched the 5, 10 and 20 euros. Today it was the turn of the 50-euro bill, which gradually displaced the old ones to eliminate (or rather decrease) counterfeits.

But this one, unlike the others, has something special: It has been designed by neurologists, and that is why it is so safe. Soon it will be the 100 and 200 euro bills (not the 500, since the latter are retiring due to use in the underground economy).

The young kidnapped by Zeus is the key

Legend has it that Europe is a young Phoenician kidnapped by Zeus in one of his adventures on Earth. But now, today, apart from being our continent, it is the key to making the 50 euro banknote so safe. We are not just talking about your image being displayed in the window portrait, but also we can see it in the banknotes that have been renewed until now, but his face is shown at the bottom of the ticket itself.

David Eagleman has been the neuroscientist in charge of carrying out this task. According to this researcher from Stanford University, it is useless to spend resources on implementing security systems so that in the end the population does not worry. It is the banks themselves, according to Eagleman, that report almost exclusively on counterfeiting: The ordinary citizen does not care about security.


This is why Europe (the goddess, not the continent) is so important: any person, without any technology, would be able to identify if the banknote they are holding is false or not. You just need to look at the window portrait that is on the edge or the bottom of the ticket. When the light passes through the portrait, it becomes transparent, while when the light passes through the background, Europe will come to life and be seen clearly. It is a detail that any human eye can appreciate. No scratching or brushing is necessary.

On the other hand, it also urged the European Central Bank to change the size of the bills and make them all the same size, but the ECB refused due to the cost of renovating all the machinery.