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Neura, which analyzes behaviors in applications and devices, receives a new round of financing


Neura is an emerging company of Israeli origin whose technology makes it possible to analyze in the background the regular behaviors of users through connected applications and devices, generating their respective digital identities that allow the same applications and services to adapt to the particular circumstances of each of them, also enabling the interaction of the devices themselves with each other in relation to the habits of the users themselves.

That is, with regard to privacy, taking into account the possibility of collecting data considered sensitive, Neura gives users control over their data so that they can establish what data they allow each service to share through the independent application that The company itself offers them.For now, there are more than 55 devices and applications that can connect to Neura, through its API, to be able to collect information on user behaviors and obtain profiles from them to allow them to obtain more personalized experiences. When we talk about devices, we are talking about connected devices framed in the Internet of Things segment.

Now Neura has just closed a new $ 11 million Series A round of financing led by AXA Strategic Ventures and Pitango Venture Capital, with the participation of Liberty Israel Venture Fund and Lenovo Group, which will allow it to continue promoting its SDK, make new partnerships with other technology companies and attract new employees to the company, according to Gilad Miri, co-founder and executive director of the company.

With this, continue advancing in its objective of enabling more connected applications and devices to adapt to the habits of the users themselves to offer personalized and adaptable experiences over time.