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Netflix tricks to enjoy more and better of your favorite series and movies

Netflix tricks to enjoy more and better of your favorite series and movies

Netflix tricks to enjoy more and better of your favorite series and movies

These Netflix cheats they will allow you to make the most of the possibilities of the platform. Enjoy better and discover more series and movies.

Netflix is ​​already today the place where many people watch all their series and movies. It has a good and big enough catalog, and it is much more comfortable than television: you can see what you want, when you want and where you want.

Taking into account that perhaps it is already the place where you do all your audiovisual consumption, it does not hurt to know some Netflix tricks to get the most out of it to the platform. There are many tricks that allow you to discover content and better enjoy what you already know.

Browse Netflix’s hidden sub-networks

The organization of Netflix content is quite improvable, that is undeniable. It works well for the basics, but if you’re looking for something a little more concrete than romance or comedy, Netflix is ​​not going to make it easy for you. And this is especially annoying because they have a lot of data on the movie genre. But they don’t want to show them.

Fortunately, if you want to search for a certain type of movie or series in particular, there is a way to access content organized by sub-members from Netflix. First of all, check out this Netflix SubGate Index. Next to each subgenre you will find a code that you must replace at the following URL: http: //

In this way, if for example you want to search for Korean series, you will have to enter this URL in your browser: https: //

Customize Netflix subtitles

If you’re one of those people who sees absolutely everything in its original version, Netflix subtitles are something you live with every day. The problem is that sometimes they are too big. Or the color is not well distinguished and is confused with the film itself. Fortunately, you can customize the subtitles so that they are to your liking.

Just go to the settings on the Netflix website. At the bottom you will find a section that says configuration of the subtitles. All you can change the size, font and color of subtitles for all your devices.

Customize playback quality

Again in the Netflix web settings, you can change the quality with which the content is played. Default, Netflix manages quality automatically depending on your Internet connection, but if you prefer to have higher quality even if you have to wait for it to load, or reduce the quality to consume less bandwidth, you can change it.

In the settings you have to go to the bottom and select playback settings. Here you can change the quality to low, medium or high.

How to ask to add that series or movie to Netflix

If you miss a series or movie on Netflix, you can request it and they will try to add it to the catalog if the rights are available. To do so, you have to go to this address and simply write the name of the titles you are missing.

Obviously, they will not incorporate everything you request, but if something requests a lot of people or it is cheap to get, they will incorporate it quickly.

Be aware of what content they are going to remove and what is coming

Netflix is ​​continuously adding new content to the platform, and also withdrawing it when licenses expire. Being aware of what they add and withdraw in case there is something that interests you is very useful.

To check what they add, you can go to a website like Allflicks, with a complete list of everything they have added. Or, if you prefer, you can follow Netflix’s El Gallo on Twitter, which he tweets every time they add something new.

To see what they are going to withdraw, you have to go to uNoGS. There, you can see what content will be removed and when in each country.

Learn English while watching Netflix

Netflix can also be used to learn new languages while we enjoy our favorite series and movies. In addition to adding subtitles in other languages, there are also plugins like Fleex.

This extension is based on enriching these subtitles, being able to display several languages ​​at the same time and, what is more interesting: it allows you to select words and concepts to know in greater detail what they mean. Here we tell you everything about Fleex:

Use keyboard shortcuts

The Netflix player has a number of keyboard shortcuts that will make your life much easier:

  • Space bar: play / pause.
  • F: full screen.
  • Esc: exit full screen.
  • Shift + right arrow: move forward.
  • Shift + left arrow: rewind.
  • Up / Down Arrows: Increase and decrease volume.
  • M: mute the video.

Check who uses your account and delete Netflix history

This is very interesting as a measure of Parental control. If you want to know who and when uses your Netflix account, you have to go, again, to the configuration on the web. At the bottom, select viewing activity. Then select to see the last accesses to the account.

There you have a record of all the connections to your Netflix account, including IP, device type and date and time.

And you, do you know other tricks for Netflix?