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Netflix releases a new version


We open Netflix, select the profile or press the blue button to access Netflix Kids, we navigate among dozens of categories, characters and recommended titles and, finally, we press the button to play the title, remembering that with the red button the screen information disappears and with the left control we access the subtitles …

That is Netflix for Xbox, but it is different if we access from the application of a Samsung smart TV, or if we have an Android TV device, or if we use Apple TV, or if we connect a PC to the corresponding input on the television … there are so many Different ways of using Netflix as devices to connect to it, and that is something that is changing.

They announce on their blog a single interface so that everyone can enjoy the same Netflix regardless of the form of connection made (Roku, Smart TV, Blu-ray players, PlayStation and Xbox 360).

There are now three large images for each title, a shorter and more descriptive summary, custom information to provide more detail about why we should see a specific title, a better episode selector for series, and a much more visual search, with results for titles, actors and directors.

They’ve also altered the kids section, with a subtle blue background and a highly visible tag that indicates from afar that kids are in the right section of Netflix.

This update will begin globally today, November 13, and will take about two weeks to reach all devices (Roku 2 will receive this update early next year).

Here we leave you with the video presenting the new Netflix: