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Netflix consults pirated sites to find out what series to offer


Netflix, and legal series and movie distribution sites in general, are the best solution to the piracy problem worldwide. Surely few will continue downloading this type of content if it were accessible simply and cheaply on a platform like Netflix, although it seems that pirated portals are quite useful for this type of project.

This is reported in TorrentFreak, where they have had access to information confirming that, before entering a new country, Netflix verifies, on pirated sites, what are the most popular titles in that region, thus allowing them to have an idea of ​​the content they should offer by acquiring the appropriate license.

If in the Netherlands, for example, it is verified in the illegal distribution networks of series and films, that Prison Break is one of the most pirated series, it will become a priority for Netflix when it comes to negotiating with the producers, thus offering exactly what people search for on the internet.

It was the vice president of the content acquisition department, Kelly Merryman, who reported on this smart strategy on the web at On the other hand, Reed Hastings, CEO of the company, has already reported in the past that Bittorrent traffic in Canada fell by 50% after Netflix’s arrival 3 years ago.

It is true that Netflix does not (generally) offer extremely recent films, the goal of many users of caves and bittorrentsBut it is also true that with full seasons of series, premieres of a year ago, classic films and thousands of children’s programs, there is no time to get bored.