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NASA Worldview, satellite images of Earth in near real time


We read about the NASA Worldview platform, a tool that allows us to search for the latest images taken by NASA satellites and, in addition, almost in real time – uploaded to the database just three hours apart from the capture, something that It is already very close to the live image.

If we browse the NASA Worldview website, we will see that the main feature of interest will allow us to see images of any day, being able to go back to May 2012. We will be able to put and remove layers on the images, from removing or showing the borders of each country. until correcting the color and brightness of the water and land areas.

If we click on the + button, add layers, we can play with a good number of layers that will show us one information or another, such as cloud pressure, concentration of carbon monoxide, humidity, danger of typhoons and floods, and even risk and incidence of volcanic explosion.

In case we want to use the data that we have searched for some study or want to have it physically, we can save all the images that we look for through the download option download data, third tab available in the menu on the left.

Apart from all this, it is interesting to explore the Earth from the PC knowing that it is an almost, almost live view.