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Without a doubt, the oldest Internet veterans will have fond memories of hearing the name Naspter, the first p2p application that revolutionized the way in which users found and shared music files with their friends through their Internet connections. little, becoming popular in 1998.

Since then, everything has changed. And to this day, YouTube is one of the main sources from which some services related to the reproduction of musical themes online are nourished. And, which has just entered the scene, would be no less. But the case of is different, since it is a simple and basic player of online music themes, which also adds some features included in the original Napster, such as the Hot List, chat channels, or the transfer of themes towards friends.

And best of all, it is an open source project by Ryan Lester, available on Github, under the idea that if your service is suspended or abandoned, anyone can take the code and create another version of it, and even improve it. has a search system, music theme discovery, and even allows the synchronization of music themes that another user is listening to.

Link: | Goes: TechCrunch

Update: The project name has changed, it is now accessed at