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NameTag, facial recognition with Google Glass


Recall that Google banned applications for Google Glass that recognize faces, an important step in ensuring the privacy of people, although that does not mean that the science of facial recognition has died for that device.

NameTag ( is the name of a project that is being born to allow recognizing faces using Google Glass as long as people have released their faces for that to be allowed. The system has been developed by, a network that bases its operation precisely on this type of recognition, obtaining data from existing social networks today (facebook, linkedin, google plus, etc.). This company is working on the recognition of profiles of sites like, and to cross them with profiles of criminals who have been reported for sexual abuse, something that can be very useful to increase the security of related projects. with online dating.

They affirm that, although Google does not allow having this type of applications in the official Google Glass market, it is not at all difficult to install any application directly (after all, it is an Android device, and Google itself offered clues little about how that can be done).

Nametag is already available for beta testers and they will launch in the first months of 2014 the official application. Here is a video showing how it will work: