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My iPhone has been stolen, now what do I have to do?

My iPhone has been stolen, now what do I have to do?

My iPhone has been stolen, now what do I have to do?

Thieves try all kinds of tricks to get hold of the password that allows them to turn off the activation lock that prevents someone else from using your iPhone.

You may not know it, but activating Find my iPhone on any of your iOS devices (from version 7) or Apple Watch can not only help you find it, but it also applies an activation lock so that only you can use it . Thus, An iphone (or iPad) stolen is worth no more than a brick, since no one other than its rightful owner can use it.

A measure with which Apple not only sought to protect the information of its users but also discourage this type of act by reducing the resale price of stolen terminals.

Phishing to unlock your stolen iPhone

Since the only way to disable this activation lock (which turns the terminal into a brick) is to log in with the iCloud account of the rightful owner, more and more thieves are trying to get that password at all costs.

The most common is the phising by email. I myself have seen cases in which, after losing an iPhone, the victim received an email in which Apple supposedly indicated that his phone had been found in Morocco. The post hit the mark at first glance but there were several details that betrayed it was false: The person’s real name did not appear, the message was in English, I was using Google Maps instead of Apple Maps and, finally, the URL I was directing was not from Apple or iCloud.

But this is not the only way that thieves They are trying to get your iPhone to work again. In Brazil there have been cases in which after entering a phone number in Find my iPhone to call if the terminal is found thieves have started bombarding with SMS and even calls.

I was called a strange number with a voice that sounded like Siri or Google Assistant to inform me that my iPhone had been found and to check my SMS for more information. said Edu Rabin, a victim of these deceptions, in Krebs on Security. This is when I knew I had to tell my story. For me this had taken it to a new level, since it is something that cannot be done by anyone.

Unfortunately such incidents are becoming more common so If you have any type of doubt about any communicationthe best thing is that you go to one of their Apple Store or Premium Reseller.

What to do if my iPhone has been stolen?


If your iPhone has been stolen, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to on your computer or use the Find My iPhone app on iOS (There is no version for AndroidSearch for your device and activate Lost mode.
  2. Report the theft of the device to the police. You will have to give them details such as model, color, serial number or IMEI. If you do not have them listed you can find them in the box or, sometimes, the invoice.
  3. Inform your operator that your mobile has been stolen so that you deactivate your SIM and IMEI block the terminal. This way you will not be able to call or connect to the internet over 4G ever again.

If your password is weak or you have sensitive information you can delete the content of the phone from Find my iPhone. Please note that deleting the content will remove all the information and you will not be able to continue searching for it from iCloud. Yes, it is important that do not delete the device from your accountor the activation lock will disappear and the thief can use your phone.