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My Instastory, video clips with our Instagram photos [iOS]

my instastory

Fans of Instagram have already gotten used to expanding the gallery with edited photos that capture many great moments and lived events. Today we have a large number of services that allow us to exploit that large photographic database that is Instagram and that create us photo albums, biographies, etc. If what we want is to see a video clip made with our images, our tool is My Instastory.

We are talking about an application for smartphones or tablets with iOS that will create video clips with the images hosted on our Instagram account in a few steps. The process is as follows: we will connect our Instagram account to the app, we will select the images that will make up the video (not all will be added but the ones we choose, up to a maximum of 24) and we will adjust the video clip preferences, as per For example, the speed of the animation or the effects to add to the images, we will select an BSO that could be sounds or music and we can also add text to the video clip. After this process we will be able to preview the result in case we want to modify some parameter before sharing it with our friends.

We can create our instanced video clip on any iOS device by downloading My Instastory from here.