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My essential tools to study and work

My essential tools to study and work

My essential tools to study and work

Summer is over and a return to routine arrives. These are the tools for studying and working that I use on a daily basis. They probably work for you, too.

Whether you study or work, or combine both activities throughout the year, chances are you’re going to be very busy now that summer is over. It is very important to make the most of the time to be able to get to the end of the day with all the work done, and if possible have some time to rest and enjoy. For that you will need the best tools.

I have spent a long time looking for the ideal tools to carry out all my tasks and today I share them; Probably some will also serve you.

Chrome well equipped: more than a browser

The browser is a key piece from the work and study of almost anyone: there you make all kinds of queries and often also use it as a production or management tool. I use Chrome basically because of its wide market of extensions that make it easier for me little things every day:

  • Google Translate: Google Translate is an extremely popular tool, and its Chrome extension really helps a lot. If you are consulting any page in another language and you find a word that you don’t understand, just select it and click to see it translated.
  • Instapaper: if you find any interesting text and want save it to read or consult it later, a simple click on the Instapaper extension icon and you will have it saved for later consultation on the web or in the mobile application.
  • Ghostery: If you care about your privacy when browsing, Ghostery is the best extension for block trackers from the web pages without removing all the advertising (although you can also do it.
  • Other less important extensions but that also help me are Bing2Google (so that searches with Cortana are done in Google), Mute Tab Shortcuts (to mute all tabs with a keyboard shortcut) and Quote.Plus (to share portions of an article On twitter).

Time management and organization

As important as having the right tools to carry out tasks is having good tools to manage time and organize. Personally, in this sense, I try to minimize the applications I use so as not to spend too much time organizing, obtaining the opposite effect than expected. There are only two tools that I can’t do without: a list of tasks and an application of the Pomodoro method.

  • Todoistit’s my favorite to-do list app, basically because it’s fully cross-platformBecause it allows you to add tasks that are repeated from time to time and because of your way of understanding natural language. It also has all the typical functions of these applications (projects, labels, priority level, reminders) although some are available only in the paid version (28.99 / year).
  • The Pomodoro method is a time management system that consists of working 25 minutes without distractions and resting 5. After 4 times of 25 minutes, you have a 15-minute break. It is a method based on average times of maximum attention that takes full advantage of your ability to concentrate. There are many applications to apply the Pomodoro method; I use FocusBooster on Windows, Flat Tomato on iOS and ClearFocus on Android.

Boosting email

Managing email can be a black hole for your time if you don’t do it right. For me, separate emails by categories and forgetting the least important is essential, that’s why I use Gmail web on the computer (due to the way it is divided into categories) and Spark on the iPad, which organizes the inbox masterfully with its Smart Inbox.

I also find the Gmail filters in the web version. Well used, they can make a significant percentage of your mail manage itself and the rest is much better organized. Finally, for slam all subscriptions mail that you are not interested in (which surely are many), Unroll.Me It is an excellent service.

Tailor’s drawer


There are other tools that are also very useful, most of them more focused on carrying out their own tasks and others that I just don’t know in which category to include but that also help a lot on a day-to-day basis.

  • Workflow: If you have an iOS device, you cannot do without Workflow. Is an automation application It allows you to do almost anything, although it has a slightly high learning curve. From little things like automating an SMS to uploading articles to WordPress or editing images: Workflow is a real toolbox.
  • Although Microsoft’s office suite is much more popular, if you work as a team you should seriously think about switching to Google documents and presentations (if you haven’t already). The real-time collaboration with comments included really makes life a lot easier for anyone who has to edit a document together with other people. In any case, between the spreadsheets, Excel remains unrivaled, in my opinion.
  • There are few things that help me more in my day to day than an emobile text editor with markdown support. In this way you can edit any text at any time, and you can also directly format it to publish it on a website. On the iPad I recommend Editorial, and on Android, JotterPad; both are Dropbox compatible, so you can edit the same documents in both applications.
  • If you need to organize any idea or outline a topic and prefer to do it digitally, Mindnode is an excellent mind mapping application for the Apple ecosystem.
  • Almost every time I write a post for Omicrono I need to take a screenshot, and sometimes a lot. So I need a program that allows me to take screenshots very easily, and Greenshot allows you to do it with a simple keyboard shortcut. Infinitely better than Snipping, the pre-installed solution on Windows.
  • Music can also go a long way in being more productive. Personally, I like listening to a short song looped while studying or working. I usually use Spotify although the Apple Music catalog is more extensive, as I don’t have to deal with iTunes. If I miss a song, I usually go to Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

These are my favorite tools for working and studying. Which do you use? Have you discovered something interesting in this list?