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MusicUp, knowledge game about music themes


The weekend is coming, and both in it and any other time we have free time, one of the things we can do, if we are music fans, is to test our musical knowledge, challenging both our own friends on Facebook as strangers thanks to MusicUp. It is an application available both through Facebook and through the mobile applications for Android and iOS where users will have 90 seconds to listen to fragments of musical themes and choose one of the four options that we have at our disposal, winning More points as we get right and being faster to answer the musical themes that we are listening to.

If we want to play through Facebook, we must grant him a series of permissions that they ask us, and if we choose to use MusicUp from our mobile terminals, we must register through Google, Facebook or directly with our email address, although we always have the possibility to play without a user account, although we will not keep our own ratings, as indicated by TNW.

The issue is that we have a series of pre-established playlists, but also, through a series of activities and / or buying them directly through a series of payment gateways, headed by Paypal, we can increase virtual currencies that we have as credit that will allow us to unlock other playlists that we may be interested in, whether by genre or by few, in addition to being able to obtain more powerup spaces for our favorites. Also, for $ 2.99, we can unlock all playlists. The topics in which we may be interested can be added as favorites in the games so that we can listen to them at any other time.

So we already have another option to spend our free time in the least productive but funniest way possible, although it will not be the only one.