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Musicness, a new game for music lovers [iOS]


We are introduced Musicness ( as a trivia game about music that is born today in the appstore. In the application we have to choose the artists we want to be asked about, so we can declare ourselves true fans and belong to a public ranking for each artist.

The fact of being able to choose artists and play only with those that we know is something little seen in this category. It allows us to challenge friends and fans of the same artists around the world, a way to verify who knows best the work done by each one.

The rankings are updated in real time, so as we get the questions asked right we will be able to see how we got on the international list. If we add our Twitter account we will even be named by @musicnessapp when we reach a good position, and the artist in question will be notified of the achievement, so that he knows that there is a superfan in this network.

We can choose between several types of questions, from which makes us listen to a piece of a song and we have to guess the corresponding album to those that refer to the artist’s history. There are several levels of difficulty, but it is always free.

They tell us that we can participate without registration and with the assurance that no personal data will be stored on our device.