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Music Map, a good way to find artists similar to our favorites

music map

Most streaming music services include a referral system based on the preferences of millions of people. The operation is simple: if we indicate that we like Vangelis and Hans Zimmer, we will surely like Randy Edelman, since thousands of people who have the first two on their lists also have the third.

The problem is that we have to have an account in these services to be able to enjoy the recommendation system, and that is what they want to use in Music-Map.

It is a simple application that requests the name of an artist or group to display a name map. In this map we will see dozens of names separated by different distances. The closer they are, the more related their music is, the more chances there are that we like it a lot.

It is one of the elements of, a network of recommendations from various categories, including films and books, always with the philosophy indicated at the beginning: the opinion of people who have been participating in the project over the years.

To participate in the project we can fill in three artists of our preference in, thus increasing the size of the database so that it is closer to what we are looking for.