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MovilExplora, comparator of rates for mobiles, adsl packs, international calls …


Here we have a new project that can help us decide what is the best rate for the use we give to our mobile phones.

Is about mobile explore (, a website in which we have to indicate the number of daily calls, their duration, the data consumed and the SMS sent to access a table that compares the rates of different Spanish companies. It is possible to indicate the details of the plan that we currently have, helping to determine if there is savings in any new option.

MovilExplora also includes a section specially designed for international calls, as well as adsl packs and the possibility of consulting mobiles and tablets, offering tables that compare the devices in a similar way as geekaphone does, for example.

The system is similar to the super-tariff system, which we already presented to you a few weeks ago, projects that continue to focus on the Spanish market, since few solutions are known that do something similar in Latin America.

Rodrigo Lopez, director and co-founder of the project, tells us that all the people who work at MovilExplora have several years of experience in market research and business strategy, so they will surely continue to update the system offering more personalized options in the comparisons.