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Mortality – An original way to replace the new Chrome tab

mayo 23, 2020

There are many Chrome extensions that help to customize the appearance and content of the new tabs that we open in the browser, but the one that they present to us today is really original.

It is Mortality, a plugin that generates a diagram with the months that we have already lived, betting on colors within circles that represent months.

The extension indicates our exact age at all times, with absolute precision, and allows us to see what we have left of life taking into account an average forecast of 80 years. It can also be used as a countdown, which will help you know the exact time left for anything.

The goal is to encourage people to take advantage of and enjoy their time while they are alive. Every time we open a new tab we will see information that reminds us that time passes for everyone, and that this does not depend on the amount of money kept in the bank.

Although it could be greatly improved, with more configuration variables to customize the experience [it is possible to indicate if we want circles or not, the theme, the colors and little else], the result is quite pleasant and easy to understand, although that central clock over time Going through can be more stressful than motivating.