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More than 300 free icons for websites, folders, online stores, mobiles, blogs …


Icons are an extremely important part of applications, so important that there are hundreds of sites specialized in the distribution of this type of material, both free and paid, with several different licenses that, as always, we must read carefully to know when we can use them and under what conditions.

Today we will talk about On, where there is a category with more than 300 classified free icons, available for both personal and commercial use. There we can find images to illustrate articles, credit cards, icons for designs of e-commerce projects, mobile applications, stamps to indicate profiles of social networks, emoticons to publish on networks, folders indicating types of files … there are a total of 332 icons , the free ones from a total collection of more than 2,000 graphic elements offered on said website.

To obtain them, you must put zero in the value field, when you request the payment information, that way you can go to the download page without informing the credit card.

It is not the first time that we comment on this website as a reference when it comes to offering free icons, we did it a few months ago when they released for free some icons that we can use within Google maps, so if you are interested in this type Content It is important that you pay attention to the material they publish so that you can find the right graphic content for your projects.