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Moovit, social application of routes in public transport, launches a new version on Android


Some of you may already know, and even use daily, the Moovit mobile application, which allows you to choose the best routes to go by public transport to go to desired destinations taking into account the situation of the own means of transport, such as delays , modifications, etc, or in other words, it is the equivalent of Waze but focused on public transport. In the past month of July we already mentioned that Moovit reached a series of countries, including Spain, covering the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with other Spanish cities pending to be included later.

Well, Moovit yesterday launched a new version of its application for the Android platform, where the main novelty is the redesign of the user interface, which is now more clear and intuitive compared to the previous design. But that is not all, since sliding your finger from the left edge to the right we will find the navigation menu, where you will find the new option for personalized alerts in real time, which allows it to be used even through push notifications, previously configured for it.

The use of pushpins to mark the desired destinations to establish the routes together with the necessary indications, as well as improved navigation step by step, close the list of novelties of this version.

Moovit for Android is currently under version 3.0 available for Android terminals from version 2.3.3 onwards for free from Google Play, both for smartphones and tablets.