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Moodle and the Social Web


The MOODLE e-learning platform comes with many predefined functions and resources. But the developer community (one of the best I know in the open source world) does an incredible job on a daily basis, adding more than 500 additional modules to the existing ones.

I share with you some native and external functions of MOODLE whose use is oriented to the Social Web or 2.0, as some still call it:

– The Social Bookmarking Module: An activity that implements a social bookmarking site (like Delicius).

– The brands or tags (folksonoma), in which we can add blocks from flickr, Youtube or any HTML tag.

– Course or site blogs.

– LosWikis

– The RSS of the forums or glossaries

– The Moodle Network or Moodle Network: It is a feature that can be found from version 1.8 of Moodle. It allows a Moodle administrator to establish a link with another Moodle, and share some resources.

– The Contacts Block: This block was designed to add functionality to the handling of contacts in the style of social networks in the My Moodle page.

– The Shared activities system course format: The activity sharing system adds the facility for any Moodle user to create their own activity and invite other people to join. When invited, people receive an email with a link to that activity.

– Integration with Facebook: This module connects MOODLE with Facebook.

I hope it helps you configure a more modern and interactive platform that adapts to the educational revolution that we are experiencing.