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Monument Valley, beautiful and artistic game based on MC Escher


If you remember or have played games like Limbo or Braid, you will agree that in this type of video game it is difficult to draw a line on what is design and art and what is the game itself. This is what will probably happen to you if you play Monument Valley, a game that will reach our stores in the first quarter of 2014 based on the graphic designs of the Dutch artist MC Escher.

The game, in which we will have to advance through the screens solving puzzles, take advantage of the aesthetics to offer us different levels in which we will be given different scenarios and clues to advance. Most of them will be landscapes and organized architectures made up of a multitude of corridors, towers, stairs, etc. to compose an architectural puzzle for us to solve. The resolution process can be carried out in several ways: rotating portions of scenarios and connecting them LEGO-style, building bridges or modifying portions of stairs that allow us to go to another level, among many others.

The ultimate goal is to guide the character we will handle, the girl Ida, to the end of the level allowing her to climb towers and stairs without gaps between them. It will take us a while to get used to the space and physics of the game, but once we do Monument Valley will become a nice challenge to invest time in.

If you want more information about the game and its mechanics, you can read the analysis published by TechCrunch or subscribe to updates here.