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Momentum: tasks, motivation, weather and custom background in your Chrome tabs


We will never finish if we start to remind you of the tools we have to create to-do-lists, read phrases that inspire us, inform us about the weather in our position or offer us beautiful and relaxing personalized backgrounds. Instead there are not so many that offer it all in one, and that is what the Momentum extension does, ideal for you if you are more of managing a multitasking application than several specialized ones.

The extension basically changes Chrome’s default tabs for a new tab with landscape images in which we can display the time in the center of the screen, a personalized greeting for us, an inspirational phrase at the bottom, the possibility of edit tasks of the day in the lower right and an update of the weather and meteorological conditions of our location in the upper right.

When installing the extension, we will be asked two things: our name to configure the personalized greeting and what we are scheduled to do today to show it as a task for the day. After this, all the tabs we open in Chrome will already go Momentum and will show all the sections mentioned above, changing the landscape background randomly and the greeting depending on whether it is in the morning, in the afternoon or at night.

You can try Momentum by installing this Chrome extension completely free of charge.