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Moment.Us – Music suitable to each moment we live [iOS]


It is not easy to innovate in the world of music by smartphone. We have groovesharks, spotifies, deezers, ituneses… there are many solutions that allow us to carry music on our devices, so it is still risky to make your way in this world. (, for iPhone, wants to attract attention with something little seen in the mobile world: music that adapts to the moment we are in. That’s right, it is an application that detects our location, the weather, the day of the week and other data that we keep in our mobile to offer a personalized soundtrack for the moment we are going through. We can also send an image or select a specific feeling and listen to what momentus has prepared for us, as discussed in TNW.

Surely they try to be as general as possible. If it rains, melancholic music, if it is winter and there is Sun, very happy music, if we are in Brazil, in February, Carnival music … something not very suitable for those who go out of line in the cheese of musical tastes.

They already have more than 25 million songs that, in addition to listening to them depending on the context, we can discover by browsing to find new titles, new moments and new people, thus touching the category of social web.

In addition to allowing the subject to be heard, we can get to know the author of the work better, showing both the biography of the work and other works by him.

The idea is good, although at the moment they have to work to expand the scope of the licenses, since at the moment it is not available outside the UK appstore.