javascript contador Skip to content already allows us to test Internet Explorer 11 on their virtual machines

Regardless of the browser or operating system we are using, we can access to verify the compatibility with Internet explorer of our web projects, and now they have released a new version that includes Internet Explorer 11 for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The goal of is not only to offer virtual machines to verify the compatibility of pages in the Microsoft browser, we can also access tools designed so that programmers can spend more time creating and less performing tests (literal words from the Microsoft blog ).

From the home page we can report the url of our site and wait for the reports to be generated, with coding errors, appearance on different devices with different screen sizes (use BrowserStack for them) and recommendations to solve the problems you are finding. On the other hand, it also uses the engine to detect compatibility problems with modern browsers.

A mandatory platform within the favorites section of all webdesigner and web programmer, along with pagespeed insights, google and W3C tests.