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mobsyte, new application to create mobile websites


Since Mobsyte ( present us with this new project created to allow designing mobile websites in a simple and fast way.

This mobile website creation platform offers a free option that includes the Mobsyte logo and hosting in a Mobsyte domain, requiring monthly payments ranging from 9 to 19 euros per month to obtain both your own domain and other functionalities such as statistics , custom domain, option to include advertising on the sites, etc.

Mobsyte focuses on design mobile first: You start designing your website for the mobile and get a perfect visualization on PC. Generally it is done the other way around (it is designed for PC and a mobile version is made) which is why they can boast of being one of the few tools designed to make a complete website from scratch, without depending on any existing web version.

The templates are created to facilitate the design of promotional sites, campaigns, landing pages, microsites, events, flyers, businesses, etc., with the possibility of choosing the colors that suit our idea. Once the template is selected we can use the editor to customize it and adapt it to our category. The editor allows modifying the contents, including different blocks in each template.

The promotion part is also covered, offering both a link and a QR code so that customers can access our new mobile website.

Simple and practical, to create minisites in a few minutes.