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Mobile game to guess movies from photos


A complete success in Android and iOS stores in Argentina, and ready to cross borders, Moviz ( is presented as a game in which we have to guess the title of the movies shown.

The application displays images about movies and celebrities from the past decades. We will have to guess titles of various genres, including Hollywood hits, discovering new levels that increase in difficulty, always with the possibility of starting and stopping at any time.

As we play we can earn stars by guessing all the movies starring our favorite actors and actresses, as well as Oscars, by expanding the list of successes achieved in the game. We can earn old, animated and premiere movie stamps, get more points on the first try successfully, and earn coins to unlock new levels in different genres.

You can pay to remove the ads, ask friends for help, and share the results on social media.

More than a year ago we told you about a similar game, Recognize movies, for iOS, although in this case there is also a version for Android.