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Mobile application announcing impending earthquakes, announced at the World Science Forum


The World Science Forum is being held this year, for the first time, outside of Budapest. It has been the turn of Rio de Janeiro, and, as every two years, several scientists, members of NGOs, educational institutions, and decision-making bodies will talk about scientific policy.

This year they have talked about an application for smart phones that will be ready during 2014, an application that will send earthquake alerts up to minutes before the tremors begin, giving people time to seek refuge, according to an info in April.

Professionals from the University of California have presented the project, still in its initial phase, to base its operation on a system that is currently used in that city to detect the advance of an earthquake, a system prepared by Professor Richard Allen . It uses the first energy that radiates tremor, which rarely causes damage, and algorithms that process data from regional seismic networks.

The idea is that the application can send information about the status of each mobile at a specific time. The tremors detected by a mobile phone can be sent to others that are further away, helping to obtain data on what is happening at various geographic points.

As Richard Allen commented:

All you need is a phone at the epicenter of the earthquake that detects and sends the information to a server. There are many phones at the same time doing this, so the server determines the location and magnitude of the earthquake and sends notifications to people far away.

Once published, it will be free and with free code. We will be attentive to its launch.

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