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Mo Man Xiang Ji, to convert photographs into drawings, releases American version MomentCam


Not too long ago we discovered here on Wwwhatsnew an application of Chinese origin, called Mo Man Xiang Ji, which was soon placed in the top-1 of the Chinese and other parts of Asia lists when it comes to apps. The application allows us to take and edit photographs in order to turn them into customizable drawings at the moment, with a quite spectacular result. In the same article, we mentioned that, unfortunately, the app was only available in Chinese.

But things have changed and, thanks to the popularity of Mo Man Xiang Ji reached in the United States, we now have the English version of the app in question, called MomentCam. With the functions to change style, clothing, hair, glasses, eyebrows, and everything we want and more now in English and therefore somewhat more intelligible, MomentCam also offers a huge variety of customization options that will end in a photograph turned into a fun style pictric artwork cartoon, as if it were a cmic – but with our face as the protagonist thanks to the facial recognition technology used by MomentCam.

We will have two main sections, Create Cartoon to create our drawing from scratch and take the photo later (at which point we will have to specify whether we are a boy or a girl), or Portfolio which will be the option that will take us to the gallery. After taking the photo, the app will take us to the editor, where we will give free rein to the imagination.

You can download MomentCam here for iOS and Android.