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Mitro, interesting proposal to coordinate team passwords


If we are carrying out teamwork for our studies or for our work tasks, we would be interested to know Mitro, since it proposes an excellent solution to share access to different web services.

Whether as a team we share the same Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox account or any other service necessary for our project or brand, we can simplify the process with Mitro, even when new members join the group. It is not a password manager, but it is much more powerful, since once configured it will allow us to automatically log in to the web services that we have registered.

Whether we plan to use it with our equipment or for personal use, the procedure is very simple. Every time we log into a web service that we want to save in Mitro, we simply have to point out (with the help of its Chrome extension) that we want to save the password. In this way, the next time we want to access we will be asked if we want to log in automatically using Mitro.

From our control panel on the Mitro site we can see all the web services that we have integrated with options to make changes or share access. It also allows us to add passwords manually, as well as notes for services or data outside the web.

Mitro promises to keep our information secure and encrypted, in addition to having some extra options such as recognizing if the device being accessed is not authorized and two-step verification. An interesting proposal to keep our passwords in one place, automatically share and access them from anywhere.