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Mission Control HQ, task management application for workgroups

mission control

There are thousands of task management applications, full of color and loads of functionalities as useful as they are innovative. However, as they are powerful, it is not surprising that their degree of complexity makes it necessary to dedicate enough time for learning and documentation to take advantage of it, rather, learning how to use the task management tool becomes a task.

For those who do not have the time or the disposition to access this treatment, as they hardly require something simple, intuitive, minimalist and that allows organizing their own tasks and even those of an entire work group, the co-founder has developed Mission Control HQ, a useful online application with which multiple users can have a simple GTD-like work panel.

When registering, a panel will be created that generates a URL to facilitate access (with the username and ending in The next thing will be to invite users, the rest of the work team, and delegate tasks with notifications through email. All users have the ability to reorganize and assign other users, as well as mark them completed with the corresponding check box.

To make matters worse, each task can be detailed through a comment space as annotations (with the function of sending attachments) which appear in a timeline on the bottom. Finally, thanks to its integration with email, comments can be added from the inbox just by replying to the respective notification message.

Link: Mission Control