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Minecraft – The most creative and addictive game for web browsers

Minecraft - The most creative and addictive game for web browsers

I’ve been hearing about the game for a long time Minecraft, but until a few days ago I had not encouraged myself to investigate on the subject and the truth is that what I have seen has surprised me very pleasantly.

It is a 3D game, with a retro appearance and simple graphics made from cubes, that can be played from the browser or the desktop. What happens is that under this innocent appearance it hides much more, just as it happened with Second life in its beginnings. And is that this title has more similarities with the Linden Labs metaverse than with an online game to use.

There are two different game modes, single player and online, in which we will face huge randomly generated worlds (based on blocks) that we can destroy or create at will, with the peculiarity that every time we destroy a block, for example wood, we will obtain boards to build another equal block, or even when we have several we can change its shape to create: fences, torches, chests and things like that, which greatly multiplies your creative ability.

In this way users can build such awesome things like a full-scale replica of the Enterprise ship or a simple processor … that works and performs basic operations. And it is that despite their simplicity the materials and objects have quite realistic reactions, so, for example, water, fire and plants behave like waiting goat, growing or spreading through the stage.In case all this seems little, tell you that not everything is building, since in the game there are also enemies eager to finish us, so we must create a suitable shelter (and well lit) before night falls, which is when the enemies will take advantage to attack us. Although if we are skillful we can also block them behind a wall or set fire to the island they are on … the possibilities are enormous.

In addition, it also has an Anaglyph mode, so that we can play with the classic glasses with red and blue lenses to see it in real 3D.

In short, Minecraft is a Independent paid game (9.95 euros), which we can play for free on the web, as long as we have Java installed, and which is still under construction, which has a large number of followers on the internet, showing that using simple rules, users’ creativity can be used to create spectacular playable experiences.

From here I encourage you to try its free version, and share your experiences with us, because it is very worth playing at least once, although be careful that it hooks a lot.

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