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Mimi Music comes to android, to customize the sound we hear

mimi music

Each person listens in a different way, has a different response to each frequency, and at Mimi Music they want to customize the music we listen to to suit that individual characteristic.

It is a project that already exists in iTunes, for iPhone, and that now reaches the android world with a basic version of what it can offer.

While in the iOS version a complete test is carried out so that the system knows how we react to each frequency, then adapting the sound we receive on other platforms, in Android only the age and sex are requested, to make some basic adjustments, although They promise to have the complete tests ready shortly.

The goal of Mimic Music is to personalize the music based on our own hearing profile, which helps to hear more nuances and sounds, so we can lower the volume and continue enjoying the music better than before. They want us to have the feeling of being in the first row of a concert, even if we are listening to Spotify or Soundcloud, and for this they adapt the sound to each of their users.

They comment that the launch on android is much more complex than on iOS due to the number of devices that have to be taken into account, many of which could not have been tested, so it is possible that it will not work perfectly on all phones or tablets.