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Microsoft's new to-do list app helps us manage the day

Microsoft's new to-do list app helps us manage the day

Microsoft's new to-do list app helps us manage the day

To-Do is the name of Microsoft’s new to-do list app, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

Indeed, Microsoft continues the trend of recent years, and already launches its applications at the same time on the main platforms in the market. And this is not a small advantage precisely, especially in the app that has been presented today.

Previously known as Project Chesire, Microsoft To-Do is an app that allows us to create lists of tasks (or to-do); If it sounds simple, it is because it is, and there are many alternatives on the market, from Wunderlist to Google Keep, that do the same.

Microsoft’s new to-do list app organizes our day

So Microsoft has focused on posing it differently; this is an app for bring up to date everything we have pendingIn the interface, the most important thing is today and what we have to do.

When we added a task (something as easy as starting to write), will automatically be added to the list My day. We can create more lists in the menu on the left, and adding tasks to lists is as easy as dragging them. The lists can have their own color, and the whole interface changes when you choose them.

If we click or click on a note, we can put reminders, in addition to an expiration date. In this way, you can have several things pending, each with a date, while focusing on what you have to do today.

Smart Tips tell you what you should be doing

If you’re still not sure what you should be doing, Microsoft has included some interesting functionality. Click on the light bulb, and the app will show you suggestions depending on the pending tasks that you have; Also show tasks that you will have soon, in case you want to advance work.

When we start every morning, the default list will be cleaned, so you can focus on what you are going to do today; if you have time to recover tasks that you did not do, the Suggestions will show them to you.

Of course, Microsoft To-Do is compatible with Office 365; For starters, it syncs with Outlook, but Microsoft promises news in the coming months.

Microsoft To-Do is a to-do list app that can help you organize better; Being available in the main systems, you can take your notes and update them whenever you want.

Download Microsoft To-Do for Windows

Download Microsoft To-Do for Android

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