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Microsoft releases application builder for Windows 8

project Siena

Project Siena is the name of the application that makes applications, available now at for free.

The idea is that we can create applications without knowing how to program, apps that can be available for anyone to install on their Windows 8. We just have to drag components, define aesthetic aspects, establish data sources (such as RSS feeds), configure actions , upload photos and / or videos … there are dozens of elements that can be combined in a thousand different ways, allowing the result to be saved and shared so that other people can install what we have created.

As you can see in the image, in WWwhatsnew we have already started to play with the theme, creating an application that can be used to read the news from Windows 8 / 8.1 easily.

You can get more examples and some tips at Those of you who have already programmed in visual environments (Delphi, Visual Basic, etc.) will see that it is not very different: events, components and a lot of imagination.

The result, in our case, we have saved in the form of .exe within Skydrive, being necessary to obtain the developer license to be able to install it (something that is done automatically from Project Siena).

A great idea to allow expanding the list of applications available for this Operating System.