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Microsoft Project Spark, to create your own video game


At we have the new Microsoft project. This is Project Spark, still in closed beta, an idea that allows anyone to create video games using Windows 8.1, Xbox One and 360 without having to have complex programming knowledge.

The idea is to be able to choose ready-made themes, templates to create characters and settings, as well as to design missions, always allowing you to edit the game at any time. We can see how it is possible to integrate Kinect, keyboard, mouse, console controls, mobiles and other peripherals that appear in the future, since it is a living project that will include more possibilities constantly. At the moment we can already install the version for Windows and test its functionalities.

At the moment there is not much information about the platform on which the games can be enjoyed, although the trailer they have presented attracts quite a bit of attention, ideal for capturing such a huge number of stakeholders betatesters they need in this phase:

We will be attentive to the news shown, although you can also follow the Twitter profile (@proj_spark) and its facebook page ( so as not to lose any detail of the evolution of this curious and original platform.

You can also access various videos related to the project within