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Microsoft pays a user $ 10,000 to install Windows 10 without permission

Microsoft pays a user $ 10,000 to install Windows 10 without permission

Microsoft pays a user $ 10,000 to install Windows 10 without permission

Microsoft has had to make the first payment for installing Windows 10 without permission, and it may not be the last.

From July 29, Windows will stop bothering us constantly with the update to Windows 10, that if we have not already bit the hook and we have updated, of course.

Microsoft’s policy during this last year has received harsh criticism, not only because of the insistence that we update, but also because the picaresque of the company has had no limits, and has tried to get us Windows 10 for good or for bad.

Upgrading to Windows 10 continues to wreak havoc

Most controversial was undoubtedly the occasion when Microsoft marked the upgrade to Windows 10 as recommended; This means that if we had not changed the default configuration of Windows Update, Windows 10 was downloaded and installed automatically.

Recommended updates are usually left for security patches or updates to pre-installed applicationsThat Microsoft took advantage of this system to get Windows 10 for the throat did not make many people laugh.

That was what happened to a woman, owner of a travel agency in California; ensures that at no time accepted the installation of Windows 10, and in fact you don’t even know what it is.

You only know that one day your computer changed and that since then he was often blocked, sometimes for whole days, and that made it impossible for him to work. A similar problem is the last thing you want if you have an SME that depends on computers for customer management.

So the owner called Microsoft Support for help and get back to where she was, but they couldn’t help her. Given this, he decided to make the decision sue Microsoft to pay you for what you had lost during all those days of work, and the cost of buying a new computer.

Why Microsoft accepted the payment to install Windows 10 without permission

The courts have not had an opportunity to decide whether this lawsuit is fair, as Microsoft and the businesswoman have reached an agreement whereby the company will pay $ 10,000 for installing Windows 10 on your computer without your permission..

Microsoft has been quick to advise that Just because they paid doesn’t mean they feel guilty, who have only sought the agreement to avoid a lengthy legal process.

However, no one escapes that if the lawsuit had gone to a judge, it may have set a legal precedentAnd that the amount of lawsuits that they would have received then would probably have made them lose millions of dollars. Seen that way, $ 10,000 is small change.

For now Microsoft has announced an investigation to find out what happened to Windows 10 to install without noticeAlthough the company assures that we will only receive the new system if we show interest in it. Chances are Microsoft’s legal nightmare has only just begun.