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Microsoft Office Web Apps now incorporates real-time editing

Office Web Apps

As they say, it is better late than never. And although a little late compared to its closest competitor, Microsoft finally brings real-time collaboration to its suite of Internet office applications, its Office Web Apps.

Thus, three years after Google Docs introduced real-time collaboration, Microsoft incorporates this expected feature into its online Word, Excel and PowerPoint office applications, also taking advantage of the inclusion of other new features in such applications, such as the new Formatting functionalities, such as table styles, have until now been reserved for desktop office applications.

In a statement to VentureBeat, Amanda Lefebvre, technical product marketing manager for Office Web Apps, indicated that when they launched Office Web Apps, the idea was to offer a lightweight environment for editing over the Internet. According to the aforementioned publication, he adds that Microsoft is working to bring the online editing capabilities of its web applications to Android tablets. Regarding the offline editing mode, Microsoft appeals that it still has its own desktop applications for this.

In any case, there is already one more reason to consider Office Web Apps as a powerful rival to Google Docs, especially for those people who are used to using their office applications, both on a personal and business level, although of all modes the gap between both platforms is reduced, which means more competition in this sector, where as always, we will win the users.