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Microsoft Launches Student Advantage to Facilitate Office Access for Students

Microsoft Launches Student Advantage to Facilitate Office Access for Students

We live in an increasingly competitive world, where we must be familiar with the tools that we can find in the workplace, including office applications, a fact that Microsoft knows well, which in its announcement today, pointing to a study of this year of the IDC consultancy, indicates:

Employers look for candidates who have 20 specific high-growth, high-paying jobs. At number 3 on the list is the skill with Microsoft Office …

That is why we must be empowered to use these tools, and in this line, Microsoft launches its Student Advantage program worldwide, previously announced in October, and designed for students of institutes and universities, so that They will be able to access Office 365 ProPlus at no additional cost, always having access to updated versions of the productivity tools it offers to take advantage of both in the classroom and individually.

Educational institutions that want to participate must register in the program. The launch announcement ends by stating that 97% of students who use productivity programs use Microsoft Office, focusing on a student named Kara Page, who has been using Microsoft Office since she was 13 years old, taking advantage of several of her tools in her time as student of a biochemistry degree. He also gives examples of other outstanding students who made use of Microsoft Office at an early age.

It is curious that you name Google in your ad by claiming that this company’s ads also ask for skills in using Microsoft Office tools. In any case, Microsoft tries to make it easier for students to access their own company’s productivity tools, just as it already does with staff and teachers at institutes and universities.