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Microsoft launches Office Remote, for remote control of documents under Windows Phone

Office Remote

At this point, it is no longer so strange that we can see the speakers pass the presentations of their slides through their smart mobile devices, which saves them from having to have an additional control for it. In this sense, Microsoft has just made the Office Remote application available to users of its Windows Phone 8 mobile platform with the idea that they can remotely control their Word, Excel and PowerPoint files while they are giving the appropriate explanations to the attendees of their sessions.

Office Remote allows interaction with Microsoft Office 2013 documents (except for the RT version) and Office 365. All users need is to have a device with Windows Phone 8, Office 2013 (except for the RT version), a PC with Bluetooth activated, as well as an Office Remote plugin for the PC. Office Remote is developed thanks to the collaboration between Microsoft Research and the Microsoft Office engineering team.

Bert Van Hoof, Group Program Director for Office, highlights the fact that PowerPoint, thanks to its large buttons, allows easy access for users to start a presentation, being able to slide forward or backward the slides, see the thumbnails and go to a specific slide, among others. About Excel highlights that simple gestures allows you to go not only from spreadsheets to graphics, but also between objects. Also highlights on Word the zoom control as well as the possibility of scrolling between screens or lines.

The announcement was made today, with the application now available for free download.