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Microsoft is showing ads on the Chrome icon, so you can disable them

Microsoft is showing ads on the Chrome icon, so you can disable them

Microsoft is showing ads on the Chrome icon, so you can disable them

If you have found an announcement of a Chrome extension in Windows 10, it is because it is part of the new Microsoft campaign.

One of the big controversies in Windows 10 was Microsoft’s sudden need for us to use its products; remember that Microsoft gave Windows 10 to all users of Windows 7 and 8. It is still possible to take advantage of this gift.

In return, Microsoft’s hope is that we use its services; that we upload files to the cloud with OneDrive, that we create documents in Office 365, etc. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Windows 10 was filled with suggestions; or announcements as we call them in my town.

Announcing a Chrome extension in Windows 10 annoys users

These suggestions are activated by default when we install Windows 10. They are responsible for showing tricks and products that could help us at all times; They usually appear in the start menu or in the taskbar, although they are not as annoying as they sound.

However, they are still a distraction; especially when they appear while using other programs. Especially, Chrome, which seems to have become Microsoft’s nmesis.

First it started showing notifications that accused Chrome of consuming our battery faster; the solution, of course, was to move to Edge.

The last announcement curiously follows the philosophy of if you can’t beat the enemy, join him. The new pop-up message that some users are experiencing appears on the Chrome icon; This is an announcement of a Microsoft extension for Chrome. (Image of ghacks)

The extension is Personal Shopping Assistant, an assistant that can help us find the best price for our purchases; In short, it is the same as dozens of equal extensions, and it is even surprising that it has exceeded 13,000 users.

However, also it seems the typical extension that is installed when we are infected with adware or other type of malware; If Microsoft really wanted to attract users to its extensions, it has possibly chosen the worst one. Office Online would have made more sense, from this humble editor’s point of view.

How to disable suggestions and announcements in Windows 10

Fortunately, we can disable these and other notifications easily.

To do this, we first open the start menu and click on Configuration.

Here we open Personalization, and we go to Home.

Here we just have to disable the option Show suggestions occasionally in Start. Although the option refers only to the start menu, it actually also affects the taskbar.

On the one hand, these suggestions have great potential to discover services that perhaps we did not know; but if Microsoft uses them to recommend us extensions of other programs with reduced utilityIt is only logical that many people will want to disable them.