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Microsoft finally publishes what data it gets when we use Windows 10

Millions of Windows 10 computers are in danger of not receiving more security updates

Millions of Windows 10 computers are in danger of not receiving more security updates

After two years of unofficial complaints and solutions, Microsoft has finally detailed the data that Windows 10 collects while we use it.

It’s something we knew from day one, of course. Default, everything you do in Windows 10 is logged, anonymized, and sent to Microsoft.

Saying everything sounds exaggerated, and in part it is, but Microsoft was not very precise with all this. We know that the telemetry system even records mouse movement, in addition to data such as our location, open programs, and other data.

Windows 10 privacy, its weak point

We only had the promise of the company that this data is anonymous and that were necessary to improve the user experience. For example, in the case of Cortana, it is necessary for the wizard to have access to all possible information to function properly.

Without a doubt, the main criticism was the secrecy with which Microsoft implemented this telemetry.

In the Privacy Settings we can disable some of these records; but only thanks to third-party applications can we discover its true scope.

The Creators Update will allow you to choose what information you share

With the upcoming Creators Update, it seems that Microsoft has gotten a little too busy. In an entry in the official blog, the company assures that during this time it has worked in keep only the data that is strictly necessary.

As a result of this research, from the Creators Update the volume of data collected by Microsoft is halved. That’s because the number of logged events is now lower at the most basic level.

Also, when we install the Creators Update a new window will allow us configure the level of privacy we want.

We can deactivate the parts that we do not like, such as the presence of personalized ads thanks to a unique identifier. A similar window will appear when we install Windows from scratch.

Microsoft publishes data collected by Windows 10

Finally, Microsoft documentation has improved about this telemetry. Two new pages collect the logged events while using Windows 10.

One of them explains what information is collected; and in the other the variables and recorded events are detailed.

Is this transparency enough to change your mind about Microsoft? Maybe the company I should have done all this from the beginning, instead of obtaining as much data as possible, even though it is not really necessary, as you have admitted today.