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Microsoft chatbots, conversation as a platform

Microsoft chatbots, conversation as a platform

Microsoft chatbots, conversation as a platform

Microsoft’s new chatbot technology wants to become the new way to help us do what we want.

What uses can Artificial Intelligence have? For Microsoft, an AI can be a great tool to lean on and do what we really want to do, rather than spending time on an interface.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has presented a similar concept. Recordis Clippy? The hated pet was too annoying to be useful, but the concept was already there to be improved in the future.

Microsoft’s chatbot technology that will change how we interact with the computer

And we are already in the future. Microsoft has tried it with Tay, an AI that participated in social networks for a few hours, until it absorbed what it should not: racism, misogyny, and more.

But Microsoft believes that Tay is just the beginning, that AI can evolve and present us with all the options we could need, without overwhelming us. Is the power of human conversation, in the form of a program.

Conversation as a platform

As defined by Microsoft, which human language uses the new interface. Bots are the new apps, and personal assistants are the new meta apps.

Cortana is a good example of this philosophy, a personal assistant who understands us simply by speaking, asking the questions we’re thinking about. And all that, from the same lock screen.

With the Windows 10 anniversary update, Cortanahar jokes, being able to understand each other better and to understand what we want to do.

If we are in the middle of an email conversation, Cortana is able to record in the Outlook calendar all the commitments we make, and even if we have forgotten a file or contacted someone, they will remind us.

Skype gets the power of conversations

The technology behind Cortana will not stay in Windows 10, but will reach other applications in the form of bots.

Skype is one of the first apps to receive this technology; Cortana always be available in the background, and even improve our conversations, highlighting concepts with additional information.

If we start a private conversation with Cortana, we can control all aspects of our lives.

For example, Cortana can send us a private message if a store wants confirmation of the shipping address of an order that we have made. It is also capable of taking context into account, and if we have had a conversation about it with another person, it will remind us. These features will be available from today in all Skype apps.

Anyone can create bots and conversations

Developers will be able to access the framework to create their own bots with the Intelligence Suite, which will include the SDK and the necessary APIs.

Satya Nadella has a vision of a world in which conversation is the perfect tool, and today Microsoft has laid the foundations for this. Whether to end as well as Tay is something to be seen.