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Microsoft can give you a new laptop if yours can't upgrade to Windows 10

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Microsoft is so desperate for you to use Windows 10 that will give you a new laptop if yours can’t update. That s, all the stars in the universe have to align for Microsoft to give it to you.

We believed that the beginning of the end of the free upgrade to Windows 10 meant we stopped hearing from the damn upgrade. Lie, Microsoft is not willing to let it go so easily, and for sample we have the last promotion that some Microsoft Store have started these days.

Get a laptop if your computer can’t update

The promotion that some – not all – Microsoft Store have in force consists of let the Microsoft technical service update our computer on the same day, using the free upgrade before it runs out. We give them our computer, they update, they leave everything in order and they give it to us. Everyone happy.

The grace is that but they get it finding that updating is impossible, give us a Dell Inspiron 15 at no cost to our pocket. Just like that. If our computer is not compatible with Windows 10 at first they will give us 150 dollars to buy another one, and there are also Office 360 ​​discounts and Xbox One giveaways in garlic.

but no, it’s not worth your laptop of the year catapón

And here ends the beautiful part, and begins the part in which we begin to read the fine print that establishes the following terms:

  • You must be the owner of the device
  • The device should turn on and be fully functional
    • Must have a hard drive
    • Must have no broken or missing components
    • Must not have a broken screen
    • Must have no modifications or broken warranty seal
  • The battery should maintain some charge and not require a plug to function
  • The device must not be password locked and include the original charger
  • The device must be compatible with Windows 10
  • The device must have Windows 8 or a later version

We put these last two conditions in bold because they are the ones that most people are going to throw behind. On the one hand, we cannot go with a laptop of the year that cannot with its soul. On the other, and much more important, it is essential to have Windows 8 running on the device, and with that we find the trick: the requirements of Windows 8 and Windows 10 are identical, running Windows 8 is synonymous with running Windows 10.

As ExtremeTech well emphasizes, there are only two specific cases with which we could take advantage of this plan: old laptops with AMD Athlon 64 and Intel Core 2 Duo processors that do not incorporate the instructionCMPXCHG16B, and therefore could not have upgraded to Windows 8.1 in the first place (remaining in Windows 8 as the latest supported version). The rest of the cases that can occur to us can update to Windows 10 without problems, so there will be no free laptop.