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Microsoft announces preview of its 3D Photosynth imaging tool


Aiming to immersively create a digital replica of the planet for 3D viewing, last week Microsoft released the Bing Maps preview for Windows 8, and now Microsoft announces the launch of the new Photosynth preview, which allows the user to capture their favorite places from anywhere in the world thanks to a series of tools at their fingertips.

Even so, users who wish to do so will continue to have at their disposal the two previous generations of Photosynth, originally called synths and stitched panoramas, although the tools that you will find in the new Photosynth preview are much more advanced, especially designed for saviness and simplicity.

As the announcement itself continues, it indicates that Photosynth is based on four basic experiences: turn, panorama, path and wall. The first allows to rotate around any object, regardless of its size, the second allows the user to be the center of a space where to rotate in all directions, the path will allow the user to follow a route to any direction, such as a path or the way home, and the fourth, the wall, allow the user to move through any scenario, capturing all kinds of details.

In addition to the presentation of the third generation preview of Photosynth, it also offers an explanation of its own operation, which goes from uploading a bunch of images to its own cloud service, its way of processing, to the result end with which you can interact, integrate on websites, and share on social networks. As an example of Photosynth technology, he has put the result obtained with Everest thanks to the association with mountaineer David Brashears, who has captured it on a helicopter trip.