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Microsoft announces new security measures for user accounts of its services

Actividad de las cuentas de los usuarios

If we can define aspects by which this year 2013 has been characterized, one of them will undoubtedly be the fight that the main Internet companies are making to reinforce the security of their applications and services, being among these companies Microsoft itself, the Which launched about two months ago the verification in two steps for its 700 million users, seeing a great reception of this function since then, as explained in your announcement today about the incorporation of new security measures.

More control over account activities, recovery codes and more control over security notificationsThese are the new measures announced today.

Starting the first, it offers users more information about the activities that occur in their accounts, informing them of the times in which they have logged in, from which locations and from which devices, among other data. This gives users more control to see if the behaviors are correct or if there is an abnormal activity that needs to be taken, by providing the button This was not me.

With regard to recovery codes, these are defined as the equivalent of replacement keys, and are launched for the purpose of an extreme case of loss or change of the security information provided upon verification in two steps. . This way, if you lose or change your phone number and email address, these codes will allow you to regain access to user accounts.

Finally, there is the control of security notifications, which covers one of the demands of users, giving them more control over the way they receive security notifications.

These are additional security measures that the team itself hopes will be well received by users.