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Microsoft adds IMAP support to

outlook imap

By listening to suggestions from users and developers, and bowing to the not-so-popular client support for its proprietary Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) email protocol, contrary to IMAP, Microsoft has worked to enable IMAP protocol support for and is now available to everyone.

An email protocol is simply the way the device and the application from which we access our messages connect to the email server (a mobile application, a desktop application or client, a web application such as or The electronic mail server is simply the network of equipment (servers, computers) in which messages from all over the world are stored and with protocols such as IMAP, make it possible to exclusively view and / or download the messages of our choice.

With the upgrade, connections will now be easier and more third-party email clients (including various emails) will be covered. apps for Mac (such as Thunderbird) and to more devices (mobile and desktop). By the way, it is worth noting that IMAP stands out against other popular protocols such as POP3 email for allowing multiple accesses, downloading only the required messages from the server, higher speed (although a constant Internet connection is required) and many more functionalities .

The notice has been given on the Outlook Blog where some interesting applications that take advantage of the IMAP protocol also stand out, including: TripIt, a tool to organize trips; Sift, to offer a different experience in online shopping by analyzing email and information on preferred products and stores; Slice, to track expenses online and, an application that allows you to unsubscribe from multiple email lists.

More information: Official Outlook blog