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MeTheOne – An International Headhunter Platform

MeTheOne - An International Headhunter Platform

They present us from the Basque Country a talent scouting platform where they have already discovered more than 800 talents in 68 countries:

Its objective is to discover talented people from anywhere in the world, structuring existing information on portals and social networks where talents try to build their communities. MeTheOne groups talents by disciplines (guitarists, skateboarders, jugglers …) and location, also providing profiles of talents on social networks.

If I watch a video on MeTheOne of an unknown guitarist who has amazed me, I can quickly know his name, where he is from, and start following him on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It is an opportunity for talented people to make themselves known; and not only to the final consumer; companies, brands, agencies and promoters are a target for talents, and also for us.

They have already received some fruits, such as the X. Manuel Laborde Werlinden Prize for new business initiatives or the selection in the accelerator of innovative Entreprenari projects, although they recognize that there is still a long way to go to transform the idea into the platform they have in mind.

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