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MessageMe adds web client and improves its identification system


This week, MessageMe has brought two new features to its service, the first of which is the launch of its web client, which will allow users to have conversations with those contacts that are available through their respective smart mobile devices. This web version allows you to share photos, YouTube videos, and even view animated GIFs, although paradoxically, GIFs do not play in the mobile application, this being a requested feature, as reported by TechCrunch this week.

The second novelty is the improvement of its basic identification system, so that users will have a user ID that allows them to be easily located through searches. With this inclusion, it is intended to increase the participation of the users themselves, taking into account that it currently has 8 million registered users.

All these innovations are focused on increasing user participation, in a strongly competitive sector such as the mobile electronic messaging sector, with rivals that are stomping, and where MessageMe has more presence in countries such as Russia, the United States United and the Middle East. Perhaps the differentiating factor of MessageMe is that of the menesajera groups, having about half a million active groups, with an average of 15 users in each of them.